Lorimer Network Research, Inc was founded in 1994 as a research and development company to develop fast and cheap web services and hosting for clients. In 2001 we expanded to full technology consulting services. In 2004 we added best of breed technology equipment sales and service to complete our offerings. During that time we slowly added engineering  staff and then office management. So unlike most consulting companies we built up the company to serve clients first and that is still our goal.

We started in the Denver metropolitan area and in 2004 decided to bring the company to Western Colorado as we often were called from the Front Range to the Western Slope to bring our expertise. This move allowed us to better serve the entire state and provide special focus to Western Colorado.  In 2006 we opened a new branch office in Nevada again to bring Technology focus to another deserving region of the country. During that same period we expanded into Albuquerque New Mexico.

Our decision to move to Western Colorado has allowed us to grow our personal services.  We can now bring personalized technology services to home users as well as continue to serve businesses and not for profit organizations.



John Lorimer is the CEO and founder of Lorimer Network Research. He has a BS in Geophysical Engineering specializing in Mining Geophysics and Computer Science. His career spans the Geothermal and Oil Exploration world and was the Director of Information Technology of Plains Petroleum. John then moved on to the Technology field becoming the Director of Information Technology for Neologics. He was approached by The Root Group to take the lead position in the company for a new division and ended there as the Principal Architect. He founded Lorimer Network Research in 1994 as a web hosting company and when the technology crash happened in 2001 moved his team from the Root Group to Lornet. In 2004 John moved the company to the Western Slope of Colorado as he saw a need for good quality technology engineering services in the region. He served on the Ouray Community Assessment panel for Economic Diversity and also is on the Governor’s Technology Round Table for Western Colorado. As part of the community services he strongly believes in he started the KURA Ask A Tech radio program to help the community better understand technology and how to be it’s master not it’s slave.