Testimonials: Our Clients love us

We love our clients as they are our partners and their testimonials speak volumes:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to confirm and endorse Lornet and John Lorimer and the work that he did for Star Mine.  From 2012 thru 2014 I was the manager of the IT department at Star Mine.  I hired Lornet to help us with the build-out of our new infrastructure that Star Mine needed.  When John first started to help me it quickly became apparent that he knew what he was doing with IT and was willing to help us out in any way he could.  The following is a list of some of the items that he helped us with.

  • Tested all newly installed Ethernet cabling, certifying to Cat 5e
  • Configures and setup all servers
  • Helped with implementing Manager Plus Software
  • Worked with me on the VOIP phone system
  • Managed services for all PC including antivirus and desk side support
  • Helped me configure and setup the high-speed Xerox printers

John was very instrumental in working with Star Mine to come up with innovated solutions in an environment that was out of the ordinary for IT.

As the mine project progressed and new buildings were being built, Lornet was there all the way.  John’s efforts were in making sure that we had internet connection to all offices helping with the VOIP phone system and managing all PCs and servers.  When the mill was being built out John helped with the fiber optic network and implemented a secure networks, complete with firewalls.  At times when it seemed that we could not get internet connection to the mill building, John came up with an innovated solution using high powered directional antennas.  Without this the mill buildings would never have had VOIP phone or internet connection until years later when fiber cabling would run between the buildings.

I would also like to mention that Lornet was always willing to loan IT equipment to Star Mine without additional charges.  John did this many times just to get the project up and running.  He also made numerous trips to the mine without charging mileage.

This letter only touches on a small piece of the work Lornet and John did for Star Mine during my time as the IT Manager.

Mark Bettridge in yellow high vis on a lift as we installed Wireless AP at the Revenue Mine

Mark Bettridge on the lift as we installed the campus wireless network.

Mark Bettridge, Former IT Manager for Star Mine Operations


Thanks for all your help over the years.  As I am not full time in Ouray County….when my computer fails my life seems to stop…I just cannot operate.    Fortunately for me I was lucky to meet you on a flight from Denver to Montrose and learned about your business and skill set.

It’s nice to have a great skill set…but you take that skill set up several notches.  You’re honest and you operate from a position of integrity.  You’re looking to help your customer…give guidance, save them money and time…get them up and running quickly.  Obviously you have learned how to earn trust and over time your good reputation will grow…it’s the simple secret for success.

I really appreciate your recent guidance.  You can use me as a reference anytime

Marc J. Ostrof, Owner Marc J. Ostrof, Inc., Chicago, Il

We highly recommend John Lorimer with Lornet. John has been our computer technician for over two years. He is knowledgeable, personable and professional. He has expertly maintained and repaired our multi-station, multi-location network as well as coordinating with our dental software company. John directed us to an off-site backup company that has saved us time and given us a peace of mind. He tracks the back-ups and monitors our sever from his location. This is incredibly valuable to our company. John has responded to our emergencies in a timely fashion and has proven to be a valuable member of our team.

Jackie Holt Practice Administrator, Grand Junction, CO

We have had the pleasure of working with John Lorimer and Lorimer Network Research for approximately 15 months now. They have provided our office with exemplary network and server support and service. They have been honest, knowledgeable, thorough, prompt, and professional. I look forward to continue our working relationship, and would gladly recommend them to any other office.

Jesse Pekkala, P.E. President, Telluride, CO


We recently reconfigured our internet access from a satellite provider to a microwave based service provider. Lornet Research provided the on-site bridging and router equipment with necessary installation. Our internet service has never performed as well since making this change. Lornet provided prompt and timely installation and their professionalism is recommended.

Mark C. Rodgers DiMar Investments, Ouray, CO


I would be happy to provide a reference to the work John Lorimer and the Lornet group has done over the past years for us here at CHSAA.  John has basically set up our internal network here at the CHSAA. All of our equipment and network technology has been recommended purchased by and implemented by the LORNET group.  John has also provided most, if not all, of our database programming in access sequel server and excel.

John and his group have also provided us with all of the equipment expertise and programming for our web based network.  He has taken us from ground zero to what is currently thought of as one of the most efficient and user friendly web systems that any state has in place.  John has provided the technical expertise in that arena and has helped us to learn how to do much of the day to day operations on our own.

John and his group have designed installed implemented and maintained our internal and web based networks from inception till today.

Paul Angelico, Commissioner, Colorado High School Activities Association, CO


Thanks so much for your dependable service over the last year or so of doing business together with Maverick.  Lornet has always come through for us quickly and efficiently, especially when we have been  in a hurry for some quick software licensing.  Also, Kevin’s recent effort on a timely, comprehensive, fairly priced, and neatly prepared estimate for Maverick’s upcoming Videoconferencing project was very much appreciated.  It is comforting to know that there are still companies like Lornet who pay such close attention to detail, and who offer such efficient customer service. Lornet will always be in mind for any of Maverick’s software, networking, and/or consulting needs.

Evan Williams Information Systems Administrator Maverick Stimulation Co. LLC, Englewood, CO