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This Page is dedicated to Local Swimming Committee's and Swim Teams in those LSC's. Other Swimming links are found here as well.

LSC and Club List by LSC

You can also find all the swimming pages on this site. Other information about the swimming program in the U.S. can be obtained through CSI's parent organization. To find out about Membership in United States Swimming call 719-578-4578. USS has a Web Page it can be reached at

USS Officials information, officiating topics, rule changes, training material can be found at CSI USS Officials Home Page

NOTICE: Any organization who's purpose is to enhance and support the swimming community has permission to freely use the information on these pages for their use and/or reproduce this information on their own Web Site.

If your team or LSC is not listed here you can dynamically add your existing page here. This page also shows all the new links which have not been indexed yet. If you do not currently have a Web Site you can have one here for $5.00/month (or $60 for 13 months) for a club page or $25/month (or $300 for 13 months) for an LSC.
Also check out The Swimming Index and The Swimming Index 2 which is also maintained on this site.


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* For Times and Standards please visit the Colorado Swimming Site or USA Swimming Site

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