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Managed Services from Lornet

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Managed Services

Managed services proactively monitors your computers, network and printers.  They provide automation in patching, maintenance and security 24×7.  It reduces operating costs, gives you enterprise like support through help desk access, minimizes downtime.  Most importantly it allows you to focus on your business and not have to worry about your technology.

Is Managed Services a fit for my home or business:  The answer is yes for both.

History of Managed Services

Managed Services was developed originally with large fortune 500 companies in mind.  Those companies had large IT staffs that spent most of their time running from broken system or down network gear.  Managed services took advantage that all networked systems have built in tracking systems and the ability to report that data.  So originally it was a way for these large companies to outsource at a great cost savings their help desks and be able to direct their IT staffs on to known issues before the user knew about it.Keep in mind this original effort started more than a decade ago.  The software got better and better in what it was doing to the point that a lot of automation has occurred in side the programming.  This made it an easy choice for small technology engineering firms like ours to see the application well beyond the large companies.  In fact so much so that we focus it on our home and small business clients and yes, our medium sized businesses as well.  The whole concept is to provide your computer(s) and network(s) the ability to self heal many of the day to day problems and report back to a central Help Desk or Network Operations Center what it is doing so those engineers can track trends and look for problematic systems that will need attention, future physical repairs or replacement.

The latest generation of tools in the Managed Services space even goes further by being able to track software updates, software inventories, Security software, System cleanup tools, Backup software and Network Analysis tools.  The list keeps growing.

How does Managed Services Help Me

So if you are a home user or a business user you can concentrate on using your system and not having to call a tech when things go wrong.  We will know about it and probably will have called you.  Then add onto that a complete security system that does not interfere with your computer like many of the consumer security software does.  Then add system cleanup tools that does this in the background.  Lastly keep your data safe.

For better more productive computers and networks

Call us is the first step and we will go through all the products and services and explain it in a way that is understandable.  970-325-7961 or jlorimer@lornet.co or use this form: