We all have the same tools

In the last few years many break fix organizations have been adopting “Managed Services”. There is also a handful of software companies that produce Managed Services software and to be honest they are all pretty good or they would not survive. But what does that mean in a market where there are more and more players. What it means is that everyone hoping into the market has the same managed services tools as everyone else.

What makes one company better than another?

You might ask, so what makes one company better than another? This is a key question that every client needs to ask when looking at managed service providers. It all comes down to one factor, who is behind the computer running the tools. Do they have the experience, knowledge and social skills to handle your needs. Our theory at Lornet, is that most of these companies don’t have those three elements in the staff behind the computer that we do. They may have slick salespeople that can sell a penguin a refrigerator, we don’t, you get us, the engineers that actually do the work at Lornet. They may have a great marketing staff. We don’t at Lornet, because our money is better spent on education, so we can serve our clients better. At Lornet we strive hard to translate geek into English for our clients. We try real hard to make sure our clients are educated so we only have to solve a problem once, so our clients can do it themselves the next time. There is no flashy bells and whistles, as I said we are all using the same tools. But do they really know how to use those tools or know what the tool is for and when not to use it? There is an old joke that to some people every tool is a hammer. But in technology using the tool wrong is like using every tool like a hammer. It is not efficient and certainly cause damage.

So Call Us and ask questions

So, if you are looking for Managed Services we hope you give Lornet a look and talk to us too as we don’t do smoke and mirrors. We have been doing Managed Services a long time at Lornet and our knowledge and experience goes way back.