In our years as a Technology Service Provider and a Managed Service Provider we have heard from several prospects the following list of reasons not to have Managed Services:

  • We don’t care that the computers and network is running slower every day.
  • Employee productivity is not important to us.
  • Security patches, we ignore them as they don’t matter.
  • If we get a virus we just erase the machine and start from scratch.
  • If there was a disaster, the data we have on our network does not matter.
  • If there is a problem we can wait a couple of weeks for a tech to show up.
  • Not having our phone calls answered by the tech company or messages returned does not bother us.
  • We regularly call manufacturers for support, wait for hours on the phone and then don’t understand the person on the other end, so they remote in and do something and it kind of works.
  • The tech finally showed up, he pushed people out of the way, did something and left but the problem did not get fixed and we have no idea what they did. But we got a bill.  Oh well that is the way it is around here.
  • We have IT Staff that spends all their time running from crisis to crisis, which means they are busy doing their job.
  • The internet speed we get from our ISP is bad but we don’t need it anyway and we are under a contract.
  • Not being able to use our email for days is no big deal.
  • If we lose our domain name we are not going to worry about it. We just lease another one.
  • Protecting our network from the internet is not a worry as we live in a rural area.
  • PCI Compliance is only for those in big metropolitan areas.
  • We don’t care about our branding on the internet.
  • We never use business email at home or on our mobile devices.
  • Our employees use their personal email accounts to do all business communications so we don’t care.
  • If a machine is having trouble we will just run to Office Depot or Best Buy and buy a new one.
  • My neighbor says he knows about computers so we just use him even though he breaks more than he fixes.
Frustrated Computer User

Why is this not working!!!!!!

If these statements make you cringe maybe you need to look at Managed Services.  Call us at 970-325-7961