Computer maintenance is confusing for most users.  But one thing for sure, the more you are on the internet the slower the darn thing seems to get.  Or the advertising junk that is constantly slowing your system down there is a simple cleanup that can really help.  In Windows it is simple.  At the run prompt, type “cleanmgr” and hit run.  You will get a list of what Windows itself knows it can clean off.  Now here is a big secret that starting in Windows 7 and newer there is an option to cleanup system files.  Why do I need to do that you might ask.  Windows updates a majority of time adds new software that is basically an update to an existing piece.  What it does not  do is remove the old one.  Eventually your disk starts filling up with superseded parts and pieces.  In Windows 10 there is a button in cleanmgr that has a title of Clean up system files.  When you click that, cleanmgr then goes through your \windows\winsxs folder and marks all of those superseded parts and pieces for removal.  Using this tool to get rid of all that junk will make your system happier and faster.  Just follow the prompts. Simple.  For more extensive and automated cleanups which also remove Adware (advertising) and Malware look to our managed services.

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