Using Office365 to Brand your Business

Who Are You?

Who are you? If you are not using branded email, customers may not know.

One of the things we have noticed from around the region is how businesses fail to realize the marketing potential of their email addresses.  For instance if I was to send out a business email to someone or a group and my email is would you know it was from me?  Way to often I receive email from other businesses that are in that form.  Why not market your business and yourself when you are doing business email communications, for instance or  You get the idea.  All you need is your own domain name and accounts on an email server.  Running your own email server does not make sense for small or even medium sized businesses.  This is where Microsoftś Office 365 business licenses really come in handy.  Not only do you get all the Office productivity software but you get a fully managed email server that you can create user accounts and email addresses using your own domain name.  Make your business known.  Contact on how to get going 970-325-7961 or